quinta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2007

New York New Visions

New York New Visions is a coalition of 21 architecture, planning, and design organizations that came together immediately following the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. These national and local organizations, representing over 30,000 individuals, have pooled the collective resources and technical expertise of over 350 New York based professionals and civic group leaders in a pro-bono effort to address the issues surrounding the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan. We take as our charge the task of preparing recommendations for infrastructure, planning, and design that can help make Lower Manhattan more functional and appealing for workers, residents, and visitors. It is our hope that these recommendations will inform the large-scale economic and real estate development decisions to be made in the coming months. As these recommendations are made, they are shared and discussed with Governor George Pataki, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corporation, New York's Congressional delegation, city and state agencies, and a wide array of civic, business, and community groups. Although based on inclusive planning and consultation, this work is intended to supplement and complement the broader public discourse that must take place among policy- and decision makers about the future of our city. We continue to offer this advice because of the great urgency of the situation, recognizing that speed must be balanced with well-thought-out solutions and sensitivity to many constituencies and issues.

Nota Formiga Bargante: SE, ao compararem esta iniciativa com o plano da nossa "querida" zézinha para a Baixa-Chiado (o tal do grande centro comercial a céu aberto...), SENTIREM necessidade de apoio psiquiátrico, ACEITAMOS inscrições para TERAPIA EM GRUPO.
À dúzia é muito mais barato.

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Esses americanos não têm “peritos” (veja-se o Iraque...) e depois dá nisto...
Já só faltam 10... formiga :)