domingo, 13 de julho de 2008

A museum with no one to look at its collection is a sad place. But one where crowds pass through without seeing anything is even sadder.

Michelangelo's Captives can tell you a few things about museums and popularity. These two great nudes, one struggling heroically against the ropes binding him, the other dying in what appears to be ecstasy, stand in the Louvre in Paris, and by any sane definition they are among its treasures – the most exciting sculptures by Michelangelo anywhere outside Italy. And the crowds ... ignore them. It is heartbreaking to see tour group after tour group rush by with barely a glance at these wonderful works of art. It's positively surreal. Anywhere else, these sculptures would be what people came to see, but this is the Louvre, and a disturbingly high proportion of visitors only have eyes for one thing – they are all hunting for...


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Luis Costa disse...

Penso que não é falta de formação artística dos públicos o que o artigo do Guardian evidencia. É sim o facto de que é cada vez mais difícil pensar e sentir a arte de forma livre. Os grandes museus fazem parte de uma gigantesca máquina turística que pré-digere tudo antes de dar a comer. Se não está no guia não existe. Mas isto, senhores, já há muito tempo que deixou de ser arte.